About Frame House Media

Website Design and Development

Back in 2001, a small group of independent designers, web developers, IT experts and filmmakers joined forces and started a project called Frame House Web Development Studio. The momentum and enthusiasm of our creative and skilled team resulted in innovative design and cutting-edge development abilities allowing us to offer some of the first on-line services available in the rapidly developing online market. We have proudly seen many of the projects and productions grow into leading worldwide companies. That same creative enthusiasm continues to motivate and inspire our talented team today.

A recent example of the skills we employ, and diversity of our collaborative work, is our partnership with ADRECA – Advanced Data Recovery Analytics – where we conceived and designed the entire layout, including logos and all other key components for Free Data Recovery Quote. We love finding ways to help great ideas thrive and achieve well-deserved success, that’s our passion!

Film and Video Production

Our love affair with film and video began back in our high school days. One of our CEOs, Vanja Srdic is a director, filmmaker and producer with more than 10 years experience in the entertainment industry. After completing his film studies as a Film and TV director in 2006, Vanja founded his first production company V.S.T. in Belgrade, RS, and started producing short TV format, music videos and corporate films for some of the country’s largest public utility companies. In 2010 he moved to Brooklyn, NY to pursue his filmmaking career, continuing his work on various film and video projects. Vanja soon established his second multimedia production company Hamsa Brooklyn specializing in music videos and promotional films, attracting the hottest jazz musicians, DJs and artists on the New York scene. The incredible success of the Hamsa Brooklyn project led to the formation of Frame House Media, and a logical migration to Hollywood, CA in 2013. Frame House Media is now producing award-winning digital content, from documentaries to promotional, music, corporate and non-profit videos. Vanja Srdic is currently the film festival technical director, media and web producer for the upcoming 9th Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, and 18th ARPA International Film Festival in Hollywood.

Film and Video Projects we Love to produce

  • Promotional and Fundraising Films / Videos for Artists and Small Businesses
  • Corporate Videos
  • Music Videos
  • Commercials
  • Documentaries and Short Films
  • Behind The Scenes/Making-Of Camera
  • All-In-One Filmmaking Projects

Sound and Music Production

Professional audio services for film, video, TV and radio broadcast, web, multimedia, games and apps – we can safely and accurately mix and master anything in our studio, from multichannel surround productions to stereo applications. If you need music recording, mixing, album production, or simply mastering a track at the highest quality professional standards, we can deliver for any possible media you may need: digital intermediates, DCP, DVD, BluRay (PCM, DSD, uncompressed, Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, Dolby E, and DTS sound).

  • Sound Design
  • Sound Editing
  • Sound Mix
  • Audio Restoration
  • Voice-overs
  • ADR
  • Foley

Music composing and soundtrack for your media

Your production needs an original sound that stands out. All composers and musicians we collaborate with are musically trained, and professionally experienced to compose and arrange original and profound soundtracks in a variety of music styles.

Internet Marketing Consulting and SEO

Our expressed goal is to build something fresh and exciting, an Internet marketing company with national clients, international recognition, and a strong community presence. Our group of SEO consultants balance passion and talent with hard work to produce results. We enjoy working with anyone committed to the development of new and inspiring ideas. Our dedicated team is here to help your business achieve it’s highest potential, whether your need professional SEO consultanting, or an outsource team for organic link development, online reputation management or content creation.

We are committed to using every tool at our disposal including data analysis, research, continuing education, and market testing. Our SEO consultants work collaboratively with our clients to define new standards. We don’t just stay ahead of the curve, we blaze new trails. We believe in diversification, aligning online marketing efforts with business strategies, and building your brand as an authority in your space.

We specialize in link development, SEO consulting, audits, online reputation management and content creation. Choose our Frame House Media SEO consultants because we speak your language, understand your goals. Our results are proven, we have achieved outstanding success in both enterprise-level and small businesses  working in e-commerce, healthcare, legal and B2B.

Our Mission

Frame House Media is here to give life to your ideas through the creation of video and website masterpieces. We proudly dedicate ourselves to listening and understanding your goals, and then, helping you exceed them.